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Monday, February 07, 2005

An Interview with Steve McQueen, in Heaven

Int: Well, Steve, you've just come back from an exciting trip up the Nile . . .

McQ: Yea, it was really something--swimming through catacombs, and blazing a new trail for scientists to follow round those slippery rocks.

Int: How did you feel about that strip, that margin, where the desert meets the water?

McQ: Well, you're a spirit yourself, so you know how exciting it can be when fire touches water. {pause} But since Angela Davis is MY Ringer in the Tower, I didn't quit till I'd securely drive all those pitons, shaped like chairs, into the stone wall path.

Int: Angela Davis? But you died of lung cancer, Steve, after being a life-long chainsmoker. How could Angela Davis be your "ringer in the tower"?

McQ: {aside} These fools. {to Int.} Well, I reckon you have got a point there. I'm a bit miffed myself. At least it wasn't Maya Angelou. But as you know, we don't choose our ringers in the tower. Come to think of it, maybe it was Angelo Dundee.

Int: Heaven does work in strange ways.

November 18, 1990