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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Peerless Paramour

"And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes" John Keats

In the shadows of the nightfall light
as the waters of the soul collect in store
there glows a flame peerless and fine.
Like luminous jewels hanging
green in a field of silky black
are her eyes;
like emeralds lighting a moonless sky,
daring and proud, resilient, extravagant
are her eyes,
mistress and queen of all she looks upon
with her peerless eyes.

Black is the color that her voice rises out of
like the shades of blue that glide along her voice
pure and clear in line and timbre, a silver-blue voice
rich in the joy of its own performance and power.
The voice of an angel exulting in its own perfection
would only mimic the spirit of her melodious strains
that pour forth like an artesian spring
bearing green life to dry desert stones.
And the passions that rise articulate from within her
strip away the scaffolding so patiently erected
to repair and rebuild the heart.

Peerless eyes and silken voice
together perform a dance enchanting eye and ear,
turning the pale hues of muddy earth
to watery splendor, to breath light and airy,
to fire golden, sublime and divine.
Thus do her emerald eyes and passionate voice
sweep away all comers, sweep up the fortunate
and sweep over hearts longing for a little sweetness
to lighten the burden of the desperate journey
that ever rolls before our bloody dust.

April, 1994