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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Golden Image

A book somewhere has said,
or someone dreaming has written:
"The moisture of a man's soul
can dry and can evaporate,
rising invisible to the blue,
there to form a cloud and float away,
beyond the hills, beyond the seas,
beyond the lands of his sons,
and fade and dissipate;
but the moisture of a man's soul
can collect itself and precipitate
the purest image of its desire,
no golden calf to idolize,
no fantasy to mock the beholder's eye
no, just an image of clarity
like the moon swimming in a sea of blue,
just an image that would draw into one
the lines of his seeing and the curves of his knowing."

I read the book but would not believe,
until I saw your eyes,
until I saw your golden eyes,
and felt your golden thighs.

September 3, 1990
adapted to music, June 1996